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Friday, November 7, 2014

Waterless fracking getting closer?

This article is a good summary of some of the latest developments in what it calls "the next energy revolution" - waterless fracking. Specifically, it discusses the growing interest in using CO2 to deliver proppant downhole instead of water. There's some evidence to suggest that using CO2 instead of water could improve well productivity, according to the piece.

There's also a growing business case to drive waterless fracking technologies, as readers of this blog know. As I wrote hereI've argued - repeatedly - that full-cost accounting of all of the risks and costs associated with the use of water in fracking may make that business case for waterless technologies and get them deployed a lot sooner than under the current business-as-usual paradigm. And that the same accounting should drive the development of regulations that encourage the growth of these technologies.

By focusing on the essential issue of fracking's water use (and moving with equal speed to smart planning), there's an immense opportunity to advance sustainable unconventional oil and gas development and to strike the needed balance between energy development and natural systems.

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