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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Sobering climate - and other - realities on Veteran's Day

This post is about global climate disruption - but it applies to a lot more.

Coal has been the world’s fastest growing energy source for a decade - making large-scale CCS deployment - a matter of political will - all the more urgent.  If that's possible

Meanwhile in the US, ideology continues to blind on confronting the existential crisis of climate disruption, and grinds our politics to a destructive halt. Indeed, apathy generally reigns in our tattered democracy (despite the anomalous bright spot).

Today is Veteran's Day. Did generations of noble Americans serve and sacrifice so that we can abdicate our responsibilities as citizens - as the majority of us are doing? (Maddeningly, this post was categorized by the NYT as humor - but there's nothing funny about it.) 

All of which lead me to ask again: are we cooked - in more ways than one?

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