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Monday, November 3, 2014

I’m voting for Tom Wolf for PA Governor

Pennsylvania is a frequent topic of this blog, and there’s nothing more important to the future of the state than tomorrow’s elections.

Tomorrow, I’m voting for Tom Wolf for Governor.

The current governor’s record is a sorry one across the board – marked by equal measures of destructive ideology and outright incompetence. There’s his climate change denial and lip service to technologies that would help save the climate - and the state’s coal industry.  His energy “plan” that’s little more than a collection of platitudes. Then there’s his record on shale gas development – including a failed attempt to eliminate local control, inadequate regulation of that development and associated facilities, and further abuse of the public trust embodied in our state parks and forests. And failed tax and economic policies.

And all that’s before his de-funding of public education and hostility to affordable healthcare, voting rights, women’s rights, and the right of everyone to marry the person they love.

I could go on.

But all that said, I’m not voting against Tom Corbett.  I’m voting for Tom Wolf.

I’ve known Tom for years. I had the honor of serving with him during the Rendell Administration.  He’s brilliant and self-effacing; honest, principled, and progressive. He’s committed to getting shale gas, energy, and climate policies right. And to building a stronger middle class and a stronger, cleaner, healthier future for all of us living in the Keystone State.

Tom Wolf’s vision of a fresh start for Pennsylvania is exactly what we need.  It would be a powerful, hopeful example to the nation.

That’s what I’m voting for tomorrow.

Will Pennsylvania get the fresh start we need and deserve?  If you live in Pennsylvania, the answer to that question is up to you.

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