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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Amid Marcellus boom, PA falls to dead last in job creation

According to an analysis of US Bureau of Labor Statistics data by the Keystone Research Center, Pennsylvania - the so-called "Saudi Arabia of natural gas" and home to the most productive natgas wells on earth - ranks dead last among US states in job creation since January, 2011.  When, not coincidentally, the current governor took office.  Before which it ranked 10th.

All-gas-all-the-time is not an economic development policy. At least, not a good one. Pennsylvania must start thinking ahead - and thinking differently - or it will repeat the mistakes of its past.

Like its anemic regulatory response to shale gas development, its laughable tax policy, and its less-than-impactful "impact fee", Pennsylvania's dismal economic development record amid the drilling boom is yet another cautionary tale to the world.

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