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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Inexcusable on two counts

This Pittsburgh Post-Gazette story reports that three wastewater impoundments used in shale gas development in Washington County, Pennsylvania have leaked, contaminating soil and groundwater.

One company - Range Resources Inc. - operates all three. The company has nine impoundments in Washington County.  So, a third of them have leaked and caused contamination.  A .333 average in baseball in great.  Here, it's inexcusable.

The use of these impoundments is a severe risk to not only soil and groundwater, but to public health - and to company bottom lines.  It's past time for Pennsylvania to ban them and mandate closed-loop, closed container systems. There's no excuse for failing to enact this commonsense requirement.

How many more contamination incidents will state regulators tolerate?  How many more will the citizens of Pennsylvania tolerate?

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