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Friday, August 1, 2014

Can PA cope with EPA's proposed emission regs?

President Obama has proposed the most ambitious actions in our history to combat climate disruption.

Can Pennsylvania - the nation's 4th largest coal-producing state - cope?

Certainly.  Despite protests to the contrary.

In fact, the Keystone State can exceed EPA's emission reduction goals.  This must-read blog from the Union of Concerned Scientists explains why.  (It mentions Pennsylvania's alternative energy standard - a law that I worked to get adopted in a previous life.)

Indeed, Pennsylvania can meet EPA's proposed targets, create 65,000 jobs in the process, and benefit from EPA's proposal.  Just as important, Pennsylvania can preserve our coal-based economy while reducing our emissions and leading the development of policies and technologies that will grow the economy.

That trifecta is eminently achievable.  But not with our current leadership.

Will Pennsylvania cope - and thrive - in what must be a carbon-constrained world?

Pennsylvania voters may help decide that in November.

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