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Friday, August 29, 2014

Back to school (personal)

It's the cusp of Labor Day weekend, and I'm looking forward to heading back to school.

It's always an honor to be invited to speak at colleges and universities - and especially so to be invited back. Two years ago, I spoke on a great panel on fracking at Elizabethtown College. I've been invited back to participate in their Social Justice and the Environment Week on September 24 to discuss the relationship between environmental policy decisions and environmental activism. 

Then, on September 29, I'm headed back to Princeton University to present a public seminar on unconventional natural gas extraction, and following that, to meet with students for an intensive session on the same subject.

And I already have a paper that's due.  I've written a chapter for a forthcoming book tentatively entitled  “Shale Gas and the Future of Energy: Law and Policy for Sustainability” based on the landmark September, 2013 shale gas conference at Widener University School of Law.

My chapter's tentatively entitled "Requiring Full-cost Accounting for Environmental and Social Impacts."  It's an expansion of my presentation at the conference, and my keynote address at the 2012 Howard Baker Forum Technology Workshop. 

We're still in the editing stages, but far enough along that it's fairly safe to look ahead. The book is scheduled to be sent to the publisher by mid-January, 2015. It's hoped that the book will enjoy an international audience, so there's an opportunity to influence the development of shale gas policy globally.

It'll be a fun Fall semester. Fortunately, without tuition payments.

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