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Monday, July 14, 2014

MD regulators recommend some of nation's toughest shale gas standards, based in part on my work (shameless self-promotion)

State regulators in Maryland have recommended some of the nation’s tightest restrictions on shale gas drilling, including best practices and a requirement for comprehensive planning.  I had the privilege of advising Maryland’s Department of Natural Resources on developing these standards - particularly the comprehensive planning requirementswhich would be the first in the nation if approved by the Governor and the state legislature. 

I caught some...let's just call it flak from one trolling organization for my involvement, but the results speak for themselves. 

Tough regulations are in the interest of the public, the environment, and the natgas industry. And I'm not alone in calling for them - and more

I’m gratified that my work for DNR was influential in developing these standards.  More important, I’m grateful to have worked for tremendous public servants – former Secretary John Griffin and current Secretary Joseph Gill, and with their staff at DNR. And to have interacted with their counterparts, Secretary Robert Summers and his staff at Maryland Department of the Environment

I’m also immensely respectful of Governor Martin O’Malley’s enlightened and exemplary approach to the potential for shale gas development in Maryland, and the hard, diligent, and exceptional work of his Advisory Commission

The reception these standards receive, and their ultimate fate, will be watched closely, and could have national impact.

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