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Friday, July 18, 2014

A dog's breakfast

Pennsylvania’s Commonwealth Court has thrown out some additional provisions of the state’s flawed, compromised Act 13, while upholding other troubling provisions.

In a ruling issued yesterday, the Court 
...tossed out as unconstitutional a provision of Pennsylvania’s oil and gas law that gave the Public Utility Commission the first chance to review the validity of local ordinances regulating the industry. 
But the Commonwealth Court did uphold some portions of Act 13, finding the government had valid reasons for wanting to limit who had to be notified of a spill, allowing certain companies to have eminent domain power for the storage or transportation of natural gas and limiting the information the industry had to share with the medical community about the chemicals used in fracking.

Will Pennsylvania's Act 13 be cleaned up?

That, ultimately, is up to the citizens of the Keystone State.

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