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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Shale gas as economic driver? Not in PA

Contrary to relentless industry spin and industry-sponsored "research" (largely debunked - more than once) depicting shale gas as an economic powerhouse, Pennsylvania is languishing in the poorhouse.  

Marcellus shale natural gas drilling is not a big driver of job growth in the Keystone State. Indeed, the so-called "Saudia Arabia of natural gas" ranks 42nd in job growth among all US states over the past 12 months and 49th in job growth since the beginning of 2011, according to a new analysis from the Keystone Research Center.

The job creation from shale gas drilling shouldn't be dismissed - but it also shouldn't be exaggerated. Nor should other economic opportunities that the drilling boom affords be missed.

Pennsylvania's incredibly anemic economic performance in the midst of a shale gas boom should be the subject of serious public debate - and a cautionary tale to other gas-producing states.

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