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Friday, June 27, 2014

Greening cities will save lives

Heat-related deaths  in major US cities are likely to soar over the next 40 years - more than doubling by 2050 - due to climate disruption. But new research published in the the on-line journal PlosOne finds that lives can be saved if major cities across the nation embraced a greener footprint

Avoided Heat-Related Mortality through Climate Adaptation Strategies in Three US Cities looked at Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Phoenix.  It finds that if these cities (and undoubtedly others) plant more trees and add green space, decrease impervious surface areas such as parking lots, and use more reflective materials on roads and rooftops to reduce the urban heat island effectthe loss of human life can be cut in half.

Green is the right answer to so many questions.  

When we will we start asking them?

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