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Friday, May 23, 2014

Quoted in current issue of Pittsburgh Quarterly

I'm quoted in this article in the current edition of Pittsburgh Quarterly. The story by Seamus McGraw discusses the Pennsylvania Supreme Court's decision on Act 13, and its implications for another lawsuit filed by the Pennsylvania Environmental Defense Foundation that challenges existing and proposed leasing of the state's public lands for natural gas drilling and diversion of funds away from conservation of those lands.

The article, and PEDF's filings in the case, make - at least - for interesting reading for anyone concerned about Penn's Woods, our constitutional rights, the public trust, and the future of our state. 

Which should be everyone.


  1. I'm hoping this case starts getting the attention it deserves in the broader discussion.

  2. I hope so, too, Seamus. There's a hearing at 11AM on Wednesday, May 28 in Commonwealth Court to consider PEDF's petition to enjoin the Governor's proposed additional leasing, and his proposed diversion of $117M in conservation funding to DCNR's operating budget. I've been called to testify.