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Monday, February 10, 2014

Shareholder activism database and inspiration

The Investor Environmental Health Network (IEHN), which I’ve blogged about before, does great work to encourage companies to reduce and eliminate toxic chemicals in their products, including in shale gas production. IEHN is also a great source of information on how investors are trying to improve corporate performance, transparency, and accountability. They host a database of shareholder actions that contains the complete texts of shareholder resolutions on toxic chemicals filed by investors, the companies targeted, the filers, and the outcomes of the actions.

There are many paths to engagement in improving corporate sustainability, and other groups like Ceres are also doing essential and powerful work. Regulations, monitoring, and oversight are in my view fundamental and irreplaceable. But shareholders and investors have the power – and the money – to drive sustainability from within corporate boardrooms. They are building a growing movement that should be applauded, joined, and emulated. 

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