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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Fixing leaks in U.S. natgas infrastructure requires $82 billion

As I wrote here, leaking natgas infrastructure is an existential threat not only to the climate and the world as we know it, but to the natgas industry.

What will it take to fix the problem of methane leakage from our aging infrastructure?

Besides political will and vastly tougher regulations, about $82 billion.

Our nation has failed to tackle the issue of crumbling infrastructure generally. Will we have the will to invest in this fix - or enact the measures necessary to make natgas customers pay for it? Will the natgas industry flex its considerable political muscle to advance this urgent effort - even if it raises the cost of their product closer to its true cost to society?  The natgas industry has so far has failed to advance its long term stake in our energy mix.  Will it be smarter here?   

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