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Friday, September 13, 2013

UCS publishes fracking information toolkit

The Union of Concerned ScientistsCenter for Science and Democracy has published an excellent new toolkit that offers practi­cal advice and resources to help citizens understand the complexities of hydraulic fracturing operations that may be taking place or that are being proposed in their communities.

Science, Democracy, and Fracking: A Guide for Community Residents and Policy Makers Facing Decisions over Hydraulic Fracturing is intended to help identify the critical questions that citizens need to ask and help them to get the scientific information they need to make informed decisions about shale oil or shale gas development.  UCS describes the toolkit here.

I’m proud to have served as a reviewer of the document for UCS, along with many of my fellow attendees at UCS’ forum on Science, Democracy, and Community Decisions on Fracking in Los Angeles that was held in Los Angeles in July.

The toolkit is well worth reading.

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