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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

USGS continues important work on PA landscape industrialization from natgas development

The  U.S.  Geological Survey continues to roll out its excellent analyses of early landscape disturbance resulting for natural gas development in Pennsylvania.

The study found that in Somerset County, 23 natural gas extraction sites resulted in more than 111 acres of disturbance, including 3 miles of new roads and 1 mile of new pipelines.  In Westmoreland County, 1,658 natural gas extraction sites resulted in more than 2,651 acres of disturbance, including over 278 miles of new roads and 17  miles  of new pipelines.

A spider web of natural gas infrastructure is being spun across Pennsylvania.  Biodiversity is being impacted. How the face of Penn’s Woods will change and how the habitats of its inhabitants – human and non-human - will fare in the coming decades is being played out before our eyes.  Will industry and regulators ensure that our natural heritage will be safely passed to future generations of Pennsylvanians?

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