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Friday, May 24, 2013

Report: Natgas industry should champion CCS in Europe

The ENGO Network, a global network on environmental NGOs, has released a study that calls on the natural gas industry to champion carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology in Europe. 

This latest ENGO study follows the release of its December 2012 report calling for urgent deployment of CCS.

Moving CCS Forward in Europe argues that, given the failure of governments, electric utilities and equipment suppliers in Europe (and, I would say, everywhere else) to drive CCS for a variety of financial and political reasons, natural gas industry leadership on CCS would both boost the urgency for CCS deployment and expand future prospects for gas in an increasingly carbon constrained economy. Indeed, CCS-equipped gas generation offers the opportunity to vastly lower the greenhouse gas emissions from electricity generation at manageable costs.  

In addition to a variety of policy prescriptions, ENGO called for early investment in transport and a storage infrastructure for clusters of large carbon emitters to build public support for CCS. This echoes recent papers in the U.K. that implicitly endorsed a forward-looking leadership path on CCS taken by Pennsylvania and the Clinton Climate Initiative four years ago.

Will the natural gas industry in Europe - and in the United States - seize the moment and the opportunity to enhance its long term relevance in a world that must aggressively reduce its carbon emissions? Will natural gas align itself with CCS?

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