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Friday, August 24, 2012

Shale gas and green energy in the EU

This article provides an excellent overview of the view of shale gas and feared harm to renewable energy development in Europe. 

Evidence of shale gas depressing renewable energy development seems to me to be sparse in the U.S..  It is much more a so-far missed opportunity by policymakers and the gas industry (despite the urgent imperative) to use gas to propel a clean energy future.  But conditions in the EU could be different. 

To me the most telling quote in the story is this one:

"The industry will need to change radically the way it approaches fracking if it is to have a future in Europe, said Andrew Gould, chairman of British oil and gas company BG Group."

As I've written, what happens in the U.S. - and particularly Pennsylvania - doesn't stay here for the gas industry.  Better performance - and an embrace of not only stronger regulation but also gas' role in driving renewable energy and a new wave of clean economic growth - await in a leadership vacuum. Will any gas companies respond?

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