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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A 40 year plan to get off coal and oil

Amory Lovins, co-founder, chairman, and chief scientist of the Rocky Mountain Institute lays out a visionary plan to end the world's reliance on coal and oil without government intervention in this fascinating talk that is at once inspiring, challenging, and hopeful.

Lovins' approach relies on reduction of energy waste, revolutionary but rational design processes, and diverse renewable energy supplies distributed on a smart grid. It's worth noting that Lovins sees natural gas an an essential transition fuel to the hopeful future he describes.

The cost?  Six trillion dollars - a level of investment that Lovins says is going to be made in energy anyway over the next four decades. 

Perhaps the biggest challenge of all in Lovins' approach is that it relies on new ways of thinking, and the grinding of new lenses through which investment decisions must be viewed. Until the optics change, there is an urgent need and a clear role for bold government policy to speed us on our way.

The video is worth watching.

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